Well at this point I’m talking to myself and no person is reading this…but my therapist say I need an outlet so I don’t let my suicide thoughts don’t become actions…speaking of therapist im good today tho talk them hope they can help im in a real meh..mood

Thoughts for to day mmm,let me think…I’m going to get older in less than a.week,second…I still haven’t gotten over the death of my mother..i know ..i know it’s been a year on the thirteenth but i miss her…I’m depressed things just aren’t goin to go away, „

I’m ok…

Will my birthday is next month and I’m,feeling old…i know 36 isn’t old but i kinda feel that way…how many people my age wake with the assistance of a cane…not many it’s to the point older people are lookin at me funny,i’m also a little edgy cuz my mom passed a year ago on the 13th so im kind of depressed. ..

Just another day

I’ve been in in a rut lately and l’m feeling like every day I’m fighting to keep my sanity and to be honest i’m not.winning, I sometimes feel like given up, but i know that dying isn’t the answer but another problem I try and put how this effects my lovied one…so i hurt myself instead of them. …i know it’s not right but im not a.talker nor am i good at or trying to explain to other how i feel to me it’s hard„well thanks for reading this…peace